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Upcoming Fitness Events


Hello Troopers, 

Here is a short update of a couple of events which are upcoming and nearby. This is important to us as our aim is to keep you motivated, challenged and intrigued in regards to the events taking place in the following months, helping you achieve your targets and goals all year round!

So we have : 


  • Regiment Fitness Games – Saturday 30th January in St Albans
  • Sickner – Sunday 21st February in St Albans
  • Thames Booze Cruise – 12th March, details to be confirmed
  • WAR – Saturday 23rd April Woodhall Estate
  • Snowdon – Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd May
  • Regiment Fitness Games – 4th June 2016 location to be confirmed
  • Adventure weekend – Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th June 2016, details to be confirmed
  • Mission24 at Stopsley – 2nd July 2016
  • WAR – September 2016, date and location to be confirmed

Some locations and dates are still being confirmed. This is just a minor update of what is

coming in the following months… Hope to see you soon and stay posted !

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  • Mark

    Battle PT
    Can we have another date ASAP please

    • Theresa Gauthier

      Hi Mark um Graham said on up my sport next one is november 28th 🙂

      • Mark

        Thanks Theresa at least someone answers lol

  • Michael_Rudd

    When is TAB 10 in St Albans?